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As we dive into 2024, what are you yearning for this year? Fame? Fortune? Fitness?


This year, I’m seeking something simple…my sanity. Like, an actual internal peace type of sanity. One that I haven’t felt in around seven years…coincidentally, right around the time I opened my home to my first little, tiny human. And right now, the pile of toys, half-empty gift bags, and pitiful shedding Christmas tree are channeling anything but peace on earth.


You may not realize it on a day-to-day basis, but our homes can be a huge source of our inner peace, or lack thereof! They can be a cozy sanctuary of safety and comfort, or they can be the exact opposite: a cavern of chaos. Our brains crave a certain amount of order and without that, it’s difficult to focus, relax, or function properly.


As we dive into the new year, I urge you to try to set a few goals for bringing some peace to your home life. Start small. I have two small goals this year within my home. The first one is to make my bed.

Every. Damn. Day.

When I worked from home, this was something I did religiously. Mainly because I never knew when a client or vendor could stop by, but also because I simply cannot work in a messy house. I would unload the dishwasher, put away the breakfast mess, clean up the living room, and make my bed before I started work. Once Artisan moved into a studio again, it became far easier to rush out the door and leave the mess behind. The problem is, chaos is waiting for me when I get home. Instead of relaxing and enjoying my family when I return, I’m rushing around doing all the cleaning I should have made time for in the morning.

So, this year, I plan to start small and just make my bed.


According to a poll by Psychology Today, “Bed makers are happier and more successful than those who don’t.” I know that I want to be happier AND more successful this year…and I want to find that misplaced sanity. Who knows? Maybe it’s just hiding under the bed.

For accountability, I’ll post a photo of my freshly made bed every day for two weeks…the number of days it takes to make a habit. Many of you reading this have beautiful beds. I’ve seen them! Go make them pretty and then post yours in the comments if you want to stay accountable, too. And if you’re embarrassed by how your bedroom looks, even WHEN the bed is made, call us. We’ve got you.



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