Thank you for inquiring about Artisan Design Studio!


Interior design is a very personal process. We strive to give you a one-of-a-kind concept and hands-on service to fit your personality and needs. The craftsmanship of the products and pieces we incorporate into our interiors are created to give you the high-end value and sustainable quality you desire for your home. These products, combined with our visions, make comfortable, functional, and luxurious living attainable.


Artisan Design Studio is a full-service organization. Along with our trade partners, we handle all aspects of the design process for commercial or residential clients. Our projects range from conception and specification of  single room redesigns to the new construction or complete remodel of a home or location.

Most design projects fall into one of two design categories, and often, a consultation project leads into a full-service design project once construction is completed. That’s when the fun really begins.


HOURLY DESIGN CONSULTATION: For our clients who need only hourly consultation help (usually in the planning/ construction stage), we offer hourly design services for things like:

  • materials selections (tile, flooring, trim, countertops)

  • fixtures selections (plumbing, lighting, hardware)

  • space planning & plan review (from architect)

  • cabinet design (door style, layout, finishes, hardware)

  • for kitchen and bath designs, new construction or remodeling projects, etc

  • This option does not include the procurement/ selection of any furnishings, art, accessories, etc.

  1. Our introductory consultation package is $2500 and includes 15 hours of formal design time and includes a small block of informal email and phone time, all at our standard rate of $150/hour. This package is for projects like small-medium kitchens, master baths, etc as this is the minimum amount of time we feel it takes to properly pull together a small to medium space.

  2. For larger projects like whole home new construction or multi room remodeling projects, our second-tier package is $5000 and includes 30 hours of design time and a small block of miscellaneous time for things like short phone calls, emails, etc that aren’t easily tracked.


Once those hours are exhausted, additional time can be added, ala carte, in quantities TBD based on how much of the project is remaining. Design hours purchased in the introductory consultation package are non-refundable & must be used within one year of purchase and are not transferrable to other clients. Payment for consultation packages is due at the start of the project and we are happy to provide updates on hours used at any time.


FULL-SERVICE INTERIOR DESIGN: For our clients who wish to engage Artisan Design Studio in full-service design help, including:

  • space planning

  • design and procurement of all furnishings & fixtures for your space (including rugs, furniture, fabrics, art, accessories, window treatments, etc.)


The design fees are as follows and are in addition to the minimum expenditure per project

  1. Small Room: Powder room, mud room, laundry room: $1,500 fee with minimum expenditure determined by scope of work required

  2. Medium Room: Bedroom, family room, dining room $2,500 design fee and minimum furnishings expenditure of $15,000. The majority of single rooms fall into this category

  3. Large/ Multi Space Room: bonus room, basement, etc: $3,000+ and minimum furnishings expenditure of $20,000. ***Since multi-space rooms can vary greatly, these fees are TBD per project once needs and scope are assessed.


All design fees are due at the time of scheduling or new project acceptance. Since all merchandise is custom, it must be paid for in full at the time of ordering and is not returnable. All invoices will have a secure click-to-pay link for easy electronic bill pay. We do accept checks & most major credit cards, but the client is responsible for any processing fees. We do not accept American Express. Unless noted, estimates do not include freight, tariffs, surcharges, delivery, or installation, and those fees will be invoiced periodically throughout the project.